When mandibular complete denture lack the retention and the stability necessary for a comfortable wear, the attachment implant overdenture is prescribed. Restoring the edentulous patient with implants presents numerous challenges to the clinician. This course will discuss how to organize treatment plan that is necessary to overcome these challenges and the final product will be predictable and satisfactory from a patient and a doctor point view. Some clinical situations will be presented with a step-by-step simplified approach to provide final prostheses that meet patients’ expectations from esthetic and functional perspectives.


With the use of slides and videos of some clinical situations, the presentation will answer these following questions:

  • What are the differences between conventional dentures, implant overdentures.
  • Are 2 implants enough for a stable and retentive mandibular denture?
  • Should these implants be interconnected or independent?
  • What are the popular attachments used in these situations?
  • How do we sequence the mandibular 2-implant overdenture treatment plan for an optimum outcome?
  • How do we maintain these implant prostheses?